If you’re on a crash course of gaining and losing weight, you are putting undue stress on your skin’s ability to expand and contract, which, over time, will result in loss of elasticity and accelerated aging. Maintaining a fairly constant weight is just as important for your skin as it is for your overall health.

For the sake of your skin and body, practice portion control and make wise choices. If you have a choice between turkey and ham, go with the bird. It provides lean protein, giving you energy and helping you feel full. When it comes to potatoes, choose sweet over mashed. Sweet potatoes are high in skin-friendly vitamin C and provide an excellent source of potassium. When choosing your veggies, the leafier and greener they are, the better. Spinach and brussel sprouts are full of skin-friendly antioxidants. Also remember to limit your alcohol intake. It will add calories, and can weaken your willpower and dehydrate your skin.

Studies show that spending time with a strong network of family and friends actually reduces stress—another big skin-ager. That means being thankful for what we do have—and not sweating the small stuff—is actually good for your skin.


Author: melindasskincare

I joined my business in 2015! I love skincare and I love helping others with their skincare concerns!

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