Skincare Tip #4

My secret to heeling cracked heels when I am unable to get a pedicure!!!

I exfoliate heels with some microdermabrasion paste!

Then I put some body moistrizer on the heels and the cracked heels disappear!


Skincare tip #3

How to achieve the perfect tan in the bottle!

Step one exfoliate in the shower!

Step 2 I put body moistrizer on all my joints

Step 3 I use RF foaming sunless tanner

Step 4 I use the body moistrizer

Step 5 wash hands

Step 6 if any goofs I use finger nail polish remover

I love RF because don’t turn opplah orange!!

Skincare Tip #2

Never go to bed with make up on!!

There was a time I would to hide my terrible skin from my husband or I was just tired and forgot!

But with my skincare journey that if you go to sleep with make up on or just not cleaning it it makes your skin worse!

For me I can get more Terrible acne but the drs also taught me that it ages your skin more quickly!

It is important to take care of your skin it is the only outfit that you never take off!!

So on too much wine drinking nights or tired nights I will use eye cloths to get make up off and I use eye cream!

Skincare tips

I have learned so much in my skincare journey!

I started this journey because I suffered from adult acne and wanted to improve my skin! I jumped feet first into the business!

I got my first customer before I even received the kit! And continued to grow my business to date!

My skin is not only acne free now but also younger looking! Along with some amazing lashes over 2 years later!

This shy lady became a confident outgoing lady thanks to this skincare!

Skincare Tip #1

Exfoliate 2-3 Times a week

It removes dead skin and makes your skincare products work better!

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

I decided to start a blog on my skincare! I have done a blog before when I did my weight loss journey!

I hope to inspire others in their network business or inspire others to go for their dreams!

Or just take care of their skin to improve their self confidence! Just like my business my reason why is to help others!!